Caspian Fernwick, The Empire's Sheriff

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More Than He Seems

"Life Moves Quickly."

The boy of a squire has grown to a knight, and that knight soon found himself thrust in a position of authority. His nineteenth year of life found him as Sheriff of Gateway, and since, he's shifted in and out of the spotlight. But as of late, the young man has pulled himself into shadow, emerging out of necessity and desire to fare better than his predecessor.

Childish dreams have wilted long ago, and the nothingness that so long lingered in its place is replaced now by what some would deem a somber outlook on life. Depressing, yet not wholly inaccurate in his case. But despite the reality of his future, Caspian has held onto a feeble hope that the unwavering path of life that he trods upon is not destined to be a lonely one. Though childish dreams have faded, he continues to dream impossible dreams of the heart, and he's clutched to them far longer than anyone would have imagined, and far longer than anyone has wanted him to.


Age: 20 years

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 183 lbs

Weapon of Choice: Single-Handed Broadsword

Choice Weapon Proficiency: High

Defensive Proficiency: Above Average

Home Duchy: Green Fields

Barony: Golden Crescent

Instrument: Recorder and Harpsichord

Caspian's Recorder Example


Caspian's Quote

"I've tried being what they wanted me to be. What they were supposed to mold me into, but in truth, that is not who I am. I am not distant. I am not cold. I am not heartless and indifferent to the world around me. I feel every emotion that a person is born with, and I desire all the things that a man can. If that makes me imperfect, then I am perfectly so and I am utterly happy to not be like men before me."

What is a Family?

Family is not a word that most people would deem abstract, as Caspian does. Family, to a random person, may mean a brother, a mother, father, and wife living under the same roof. It may mean a husband, wife, and two children. A father teaching his son how to fish or skin a deer. A woman teaching her daughter how to sew and mend. That is a picturesque definition of family, and if that is true, then Caspian is a man without one. Whatever family he had as a child is a lost memory, and what he has now is a group of men who he calls "Brother". His family that he seems increasingly detached from.